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4 branches of entrepreneurial support

The VentureLab is all about the power of a community. We have brought together a task force made up of four key stakeholders to assist the entrepreneurs we support.
They are eager to help you spread your wings and use their skills and experience to help your project.

Four levels of support

The coaches

Your daily point of contact
As soon as you join the VentureLab, you will be supported by an experienced entrepreneur willing to pass on their experience and their contacts in order to boost your project’s development.

This coach will encourage you to create your own path towards the realisation of your idea and will ensure that you do not skip important steps or miss out on key opportunities. In concrete terms, your coach will help you turn your idea into a business, give you helpful advice and be the support you can always count on.
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The staff

A committed, multidisciplinary team
Made up of 8 permanent members, the VentureLab staff will be by your side from start to finish. They have developed a methodology and a series of innovative tools, designed to boost your skills and your project, while also drawing attention to societal and environmental challenges.

Each member of the team is responsible for a specific skill area: development of entrepreneurial skills; pretotyping; market validation; innovation; sustainable solutions; legal; financial aspects; communication; press relations; international
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The experts

Professionals to meet your specific needs
The VentureLab experts are each specialised in specific fields and can help you progress your project by providing speedy assistance on topics such as accounting, finance, marketing, branding, auditing, communication, and more.

Among the best in their respective fields, these experts are ready to give you that extra little bit of help that will enable you to fix a specific problem.
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Partner businesses

A network to help you improve
At the VentureLab, we firmly believe that the businesses of today and tomorrow have a crucial role to play in addressing societal challenges. This is why we are creating bridges and collaborative dynamics between this next generation of entrepreneurs and existing businesses.

Over the years, the VentureLab has forged strong ties with more than 30 partner businesses. They are eager to meet you, advise you and create links with your future business in order to change the future for the better.
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And that’s not all…

Individual and group training

We give you the opportunity to participate in a series of workshops that will help you create and manage a business. Collective, dynamic and based on practical teaching methods, these training sessions will give you the tools you need to make your project a reality. These workshops are based on exchanges with the participants, a personalised approach and the desire to build real deliverables.

A Belgian and international entrepreneurial ecosystem

We help you get your bearings and open the doors to key players who can help you develop your project. By joining the VentureLab, you also join our family of budding and established entrepreneurs in order to share your mutual experiences with the aim of pooling your strengths and your ideas.

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