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Do you believe heart and soul in your project? Have you got the time available to become an entrepreneur and want to move forward with it, but worry you lack experience and a network? Are you unsure which steps you need to take to get your project off the ground? The VentureLab is here to support you! It helps all types of entrepreneurs and projects, whether they’re about food, textiles, tech, communication, engineering, or helping people. Whether it's a business, a non-profit organisation, a cooperative or creating your own job as a freelancer. Our only entry criterion is that you’re motivated to be an entrepreneur!

Open to all students and young graduates of higher education institutions in Liège and Luxembourg, the VentureLab will help and support you throughout your
entrepreneurial journey, while completely respecting your chosen life path
. It is the perfect launching pad to spread your wings, discover what kind of entrepreneur
you are and bring your project to life. We have three roles: to assist by enabling you to develop your skills and your entrepreneurial attitude; by helping you create
economic added value; and by supporting you on the path to making an impact that is positive both for you, but also for the world around you. All this is possible thanks
to tailor-made support, tools adapted to your needs and the efficacy of our team.

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A tailor-made framework created by professionals committed to helping you
A community of entrepreneurs who share your aspirations
A co-working space in the heart of Liège with a dynamic and creative
Tools and training designed for young entrepreneurs

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Combining your studies and being an entrepreneur is entirely possible and even
encouraged by the VentureLab! Discover the benefits and the available planning
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