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Key steps to help you spread your wings

All the way through the process, we provide you with a real launching pad for getting your entrepreneurial project off the ground. As you make these key steps in your VentureLab journey, you will be able to take stock of the progress of your project and your collaboration with the incubator.

Each of these steps is intended to make time for in-depth conversations between you and the VentureLab team. Staff members, coaches, experts and partner companies of the incubator will listen to you talk about your project and will be there to advise you and challenge you.

Ready for take-off?

Your application

Are you a student or are you a young person who graduated within the last two years? Are under 30 and do you want to be an entrepreneur who makes a difference? Tell us about your project and submit your application!

Admissions committee

If your application was successful, we will invite you to introduce yourself during an Admissions committee meeting. The goal of this meeting is to get to know you, discover your project and understand your real motivations for becoming an entrepreneur. If your project and your motivation speak to us, then we will welcome
you to the VentureLab!
+ 3 months

Entrance Panel

Review the progress of your project and your first challenges: have you identified your skills and your motivations? Have you started laying the foundations of your Business Model? Were you able to gauge how interested future clients would be in your project? The members of the panel will be there to advise you and help with
your future action plan.
+ 3 months

Peer assessment

Knowing how to give constructive feedback to your project’s stakeholders is essential. The purpose of the peer assessment is to assess your collaboration with your coach, in a frank and productive way, and to adjust, if necessary, your mutual expectations and how you operate.
+ 6 months

360° Committee

This serves as an anchor point, a time to review how your personal aspirations and your project are aligning, while also challenging you to show your project’s economic aspects and societal impact. Our aim is to provide you with the right contacts and advice so you can keep pushing forward.


The VentureLab is a springboard, not a lifelong incubator! Our goal, like yours, is for you to progress and grow under your own steam. We will agree together on an action plan that meets your needs and will ensure that you leave the incubator with complete peace of mind.

Join our alumni

The VentureLab is all about the power of a community. A community that has been
growing year on year as each entrepreneur passes through its incubator. We want to
continue its activities and enrich this ecosystem that helps the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. The VentureLab invites you to pass on your torch and to impart your experience and your advice to the next wave of entrepreneurs.

And that’s not all…

A co-working space in the heart of Liège

At the VentureLab, there are meeting rooms, an open coworking space, a food court and general office facilities.

This space is located at La Grand Poste, the flagship of Liège’s creative and entrepreneurial district, which, at nearly 8000 m2, hosts a rich ecosystem of projects, companies and start-ups.

This location gives pride of place to innovation and experimentation.

Do you want to integrate this journey into your academic curriculum?

Combining your studies and being an entrepreneur is entirely possible and even
encouraged by the VentureLab! Discover the benefits and the available planning
A student and an entrepreneur

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