Our Story


93% of young people under the age of 30 show a positive attitude towards entrepreneurship


43% of them consider creating their business in the near future


However... Only less than 3% actually launch a business after graduation.

To date, many training programs, contests and events exist in order to support and guide young people to become entrepreneurs. Once they are trained, inspired and driven, young entrepreneurs are often alone when it comes to launching their project. Supporting students who intend to create their business is beyond the role of schools and universities. VentureLab intends to be the missing link in the entrepreneurial process for students.

Facing the huge current challenges, an increasing proportion of young potential entrepreneurs show a strong motivation to invest themselves in meaningful projects. Unfortunately, their entrepreneurial aspirations often get blocked at the idea stage. Fear of launching, fear of failure, lack of network and confusion between the possible supports… are factors that explain why they give up.

Our first mission at VentureLab is to empower and to provide support for students and young graduates from higher education of the Liège and Luxembourg Region to build their dream, and create their own career – and many others – through the whole process of their business’ creation. We help them to overcome their lack of experience and network.

We provide them with a workplace within our incubator (coworking space), support given by experienced entrepreneurs as well as training programs, actions or events specifically designed to help these students and young graduates in their projects.

VentureLab constitutes the ideal breeding ground to allow young entrepreuneurs to develop their ideas until they are ready to be implemented, thereby creating new enterprises and jobs, and contributing to the economic development of Wallonia.

The team

Our mission

  1. Facilitating the entrepreneurial action by students and young graduates from the Liège-Luxembourg academic center in order to create employment
  2. Contributing to the economic renewal
  3. Answering current societal challenges
  4. Helping young people to take control of their own future

Our vision

VentureLab’s vision is to make the VentureLab’s ecosystem an international « Hotspot » for student-entrepreneurs, actors of change.