VentureLab, a tool for creating agents for change by two Entrepreneurs in Residence

Today the question is no longer just “what do I stand to gain personally from being an entrepreneur?” But: “what can I, as a young entrepreneur, contribute to the world?” In this way, we are talking about something different from a purely individual project.

What is more wonderful than young entrepreneurs who, with their True Grit approach to entrepreneurship, bring their contribution to the sustainable development of our society! What a powerful lever they have in their hands to achieve it! To help them on their way, the incubator plays the role of raising young people’s awareness of their contribution to the four pillars of sustainable development: People, Planet, Prosperity and Participation. Obviously, not all of them will be immediately applicable, and not all of them will immediately appeal to the young entrepreneurs either, but awareness of these ideas is essential. The exchange of ideas and discussion of these themes will enable young people to incorporate them from the outset so as to work towards the construction of the world of tomorrow.

Florence Trokay, co-founder and administrator of ICI SCRL & Entrepreneur in Residence at VentureLab

As soon as they arrive at VentureLab, Student Entrepreneurs are caught up in a whirlwind of actions to take.
An easy success doesn’t prepare you for adversity. Mistakes, once they have been recognised and analysed, enable you to bounce back. It is their level of commitment which characterises those who, when faced with problems, don’t give up.

Challenging initial hypotheses enables Student Entrepreneurs to absorb what will provide their project with its distinctive added value. Getting to know themselves better, understanding which talents and skills are required for the project is another essential element. At each stage, Gniac or True Grit, a consistent desire to be an entrepreneur, is the driver.

The selection jury will assess this, along with the project’s level of development, and at the same time the enthusiasm of the candidate-entrepreneur.

Michel Horn, actionnaire et administrateur de
Laboratoire Ortis S.A. & Entrepreneur en Résidence au VentureLab

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