The world is not in crisis but it is changing.

We are lucky enough to be living in an extraordinary period such as has not been seen in the last 600 years – since the Renaissance, in other words.

Of the three pillars which underpinned that time, two are working together today: the proliferation of technical and technological discoveries, and new maritime routes. Which leaves the third foundation: a remarkable momentum.

It is in our spirits and hearts, creating a certain way of being and having, where the true challenge lies.

We are living in a world over owing with advantages and opportunities for people and businesses. This is one of the conclusions of the Oceanides international research project, of which I was responsible for scientific management (264 researchers from 40 countries). It is shaking up classic references in the history of humanity and highlights elements structuring collective and individual success.

The real challenge that faces us is our ability to see, to think differently. Too often we are isolated in modes of representation, of interpretations which are now outdated because the world has changed. By talking about a crisis, we are placing ourselves in a bygone era because for the last fifteen years we have entered at full speed a new Historical Era which implies new ways of seeing, having and being. Through the prism of the sea, which offers us a new interpretation of world geopolitics, an Ocean of riches is being revealed to businesses and is providing some wonderful opportunities for investment. A new geopolitical order is taking root, creating economic opportunities for those who can discern it and adapt to it. Consider in particular competition with China and the new silk roads, Africa as a centre of growth and development, the new Arctic passage, a real geographic Big Bang, the wild north of Russia like the American wild west and the challenges about energy, fresh water, sand, foodstuffs, health, tourism and construction.

All these areas of activities are sectors of the future transforming sustainable development into desirable development, a source of growth, competition and employment.

Being the captain of one’s life means testing your confidence, navigating through another way of perceiving space and time, holding fast to the helm of optimism, the only significant current powering your personal success and the success of your company. Do not be afraid, you are the one making history. You have the temperament for it.

When the wind comes, you can, you must, raise the sail.


Christian Buchet,

Author and Director of the sea study center of the catholic institute og Paris //

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