In the video below, the VentureLab invites you to discover and apply a key tool for any entrepreneur: the BMC (Business Model Canvas)! Thanks to the expertise of a dozen experienced entrepreneurs and our 5 years of support for 800 Student Entrepreneurs, we have added 4 boxes to the famous BMC tool developed by Yves Pigneur and Alex Osterwalder.

The goal ? Helping you ask yourself the most important questions to start a business or to innovate within your company. Because whatever happens, it will have an economic impact but also a societal and environmental impact. It’s up to you to decide what this impact will be: positive? Neutral ? Negative ? At what scale?

A practical and interactive tool

For 30 minutes, we invite you to navigate through the boxes of this tool and above all, to ask yourself the essential questions to enable you to create a business that resembles you and that brings value. This video is designed to be paused regularly, so that you take the time to build the answers that suit you and fill in the boxes of the BMC for Change, downloadable in .pdf version.

For young VentureLab entrepreneurs, a giant version of this BMC is available at our office !

Watch at your own pace :

  • Introduction : 00:00 
  • The “Why”‘ : 04:30
  • Economic – social – environmental positioning : 08:09
  • Customer segments:: 10:00 
  • Value proposition : 13:39
  • Channels: 15:10
  • Customer relations : 17:16
  • Income stream : 18:55
  • Key resources : 19:58
  • Key activities: 21:26
  • Key partners : 22:37
  • Costs : 24:05
  • Governance : 24:53
  • Profit reallocation: 27:37
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