A multidisciplinary team

The VentureLab team has developed an innovative methodology and tools, designed to boost your skills and help your project while enabling you to create solutions to societal challenges. These tools are grouped into six main areas of expertise: Development of individual & entrepreneurial skills; Pretotyping and market validation; Innovation and sustainable solutions; Legal and financial aspects; Communications and press relations; International development.

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Experienced entrepreneurs as mentors

Entrepreneurial support is provided by a team of entrepreneurs-in-residence who put their experience and contacts at your service to speed up the development of your project. As soon as you enter the incubator, you will be assigned an entrepreneur-in-residence. As a true entrepreneurial coach, this passionate entrepreneur will help you with the advice you need to turn your idea into a business.

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A network of 260 experts

Our experts are highly specialised in specific areas and can give you specific assistance in addition to the help you get from the team and your coach. The “entrepreneurs’ voucher” scheme allows you to pay for the first meeting. These vouchers give you access to free expertise in areas related to the progress of your project such as accounting, finance, marketing, branding, auditing, and so on.

Meet the VentureLab experts

Partner companies

VentureLab has forged strong links with more than 30 corporate partners who are keen to build the future alongside the new generation of entrepreneurs, to connect with their budding start-ups, and to take inspiration from their spirit of innovation and determination—all with a view to bringing about changes that are full of promise for the future of both their business and society as a whole.

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A Belgian and international entrepreneurial ecosystem

We guide you and open doors to key players who can help develop your project. By joining VentureLab, you also become part of our family of budding and established entrepreneurs, sharing your experiences with a view to pooling strengths and ideas.

Analysis and financial support

VentureLab gives you access to key players in the region who are willing to guide you in the financial development of your project: they can help you draw up your financial and business plans, get access to SIBA financing and various public grants, and offer analyses and advice in dealing with credit and financial committees.


VentureLab gives you the opportunity to participate in a series of workshops to help you create and manage your business. These courses are collaborative, dynamic, and based on a practical teaching method, and will give you the tools you need to make your project a reality. They are based on exchanges with participants, a personalised approach, and the desire to build concrete deliverables with them.

Recognition by your academic community

To make it easier for you to balance your academic studies with your entrepreneurial experience, you can obtain the status of “student entrepreneur”, which allows you to benefit from adjustments (course/exam timetables, staggered timetables, supervision of the entrepreneurial project, and so on) that will make it possible for you to carry out your studies and pursue your entrepreneurial career at the same time, while meeting the same academic requirements. It is also possible to do your internship within your start-up, as long as your educational institution agrees.

A co-working space

The incubator consists of an open-space co-working area, meeting rooms, a kitchenette, and all office facilities (internet, phones, a printer, and a photocopier). Since January 2021, VentureLab has been located in the Grand Poste, the future digital district of Liège: the entire ecosystem of start-ups, incubators, and investors will be brought together there to promote innovation and experimentation.