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VentureLab supports students and young graduates from the Liège-Luxembourg academic hub
who would like to become entrepreneurs. VentureLab is open to all students from all institutions of higher education.

Combining entrepreneurship and studies means:

Developing professional maturity while pursuing your studies seriously (with VentureLab there to help). In 2019, 94% of the young entrepreneurs supported by VentureLab passed at the end of their academic year.

Using the skills you have acquired during your studies and learning new ones through a specific project. VentureLab's role is to help young people develop their entrepreneurial skills and mindset.

Taking control of your future and creating your own job.

Want to inspire your students?

Would you like to introduce your students to entrepreneurship through a presentation during a course, a conference, or a trade fair? Good news: VentureLab is available to attend your event throughout the year. Together we can define an activity adapted to your needs!

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Any entrepreneurs among your students?

The University of Liège and the province’s institutes of higher education have created a special “student-entrepreneur” status in order to make it easier for students to balance their academic studies with the creation of a company.

You can do an academic internship within your own start-up, though of course there are conditions.