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VentureLab ecosystem

VentureLab is an ecosystem of entrepreneurship support which is designed for all students and recent graduates from higher education institutions of “Pôle académique Liège-Luxembourg”:

Who are we ?

VentureLab Objectives

  1. Nurtures and encourages young entrepreneurs develop their projects
  2. Helps students create and launch their entrepreneurial activities during their studies
  3. Acts as a referent who guides students and young graduates in their entrepreneurial experiences
  4. Encourages and stimulates the entrepreneurial creation
  5. Informs young people about entrepreneurship

How can VentureLab help you ?


The VentureLab is an incubator project. It is the office of the VentureLab’s support team as well as a coworking space and meeting rooms made available to young entrepreneurs and startups. The office is fully equipped: lunch area, Internet, phones, printers and copy machine.

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Support and mentoring

There are 14 Entrepreneurs in Residence amongst VentureLab’s team that ensure support and mentoring. These successful entrepreneurs share their experiences and networks to boost project in development. The support team works with up-to-date and effective tools.

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"Chèques entrepreneurs"

The « Chèques Entrepreneurs» (Checks) give you access to a network of skilled experts in various business fields. These checks allow you to pay for your first appointment with any of these experts (legal, fiscal, administrative, marketing, accountancy, etc.).

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Venture Community

We provide the opportunity to meet potential local and international stakeholders who are eager to further develop your project and to finance it.

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HEC Liège Entrepreneurs

Vous avez accès à des formations adaptées à vos besoins telles que, par exemple, le programme HEC Liège Entrepreneurs.

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Workshops and training

VentureLab offers to students the opportunity to follow workshops and training helping from the creation to the management of the Startup.
VentureLab also supports the Master HEC Liège Entrepreneurs. The students entrepreneurs can follow some of its classes.

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